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Cunningham Consulting Services


LLC expertise is critical for many WealthCounsel members in their estate planning practice and for all WealthCounsel members who practice business law.

However, LLC law, tax and practice are irreducibly complex, and lawyer errors and omissions in handling LLC matters can cause clients serious harm.

John Cunningham, a nationally known attorney, author, consultant and seminar instructor in the fields of LLC law, tax and practice, is available to provide WealthCounsel members with LLC consulting and co-counseling services. Mr. Cunningham is the principal author of Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, the leading U.S. LLC formbook and practice manual, published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. For a detailed version of Mr. Cunningham’s professional biography, click here.

Mr. Cunningham provides LLC services to WealthCounsel members in the following practice areas:

  • Tax and non-tax choice of entity;
  • LLC formations;
  • Conversions of non-LLC entities to LLCs;
  • Review of operating agreements drafted by non-WealthCounsel lawyers but affecting WealthCounsel members’ clients;
  • Business entity restructuring;
  • The handling of LLC internal disputes and claims against LLCs; and
  • Issues of professional ethics in handling LLC matters.

For further information about these services, click here.

As part of his LLC consulting services, Mr. Cunningham will provide WealthCounsel members free of charge with selected limited content, including forms and checklists, from Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements

There are six main types of materials in Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements potentially useful to WealthCounsel members in handling LLC matters for their clients–namely, (i) chapters, (ii) LLC formation checklists, (iii) miscellaneous other exhibits, (iv) general-purpose model operating agreements, (v) special-purpose model operating agreements (e.g., for series LLCs), and (vi) “plug-in provisions” (i.e., provisions that supplement or replace the “standard” provisions in LLC model operating agreements when these provisions do not meet clients’ needs). To obtain an overview of these materials, click on the links below:

Link 1 – Table of chapters;

Link 2 – List of 12 key LLC formation checklists;

Link 3 – Table of the 10 main types of LLCs relevant to LLC formation practice;

Link 4 – Table of 28 main types of general-purpose LLC model operating agreements;

Link 5 – Table of 5 special-purpose model operating agreements;

Link 6 – Table of 75 exhibits;

Link 7 – Table of 78 plug-in provisions.



Mr. Cunningham provides consulting and co-counseling services by telephone, Skype or email to WealthCounsel members from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday except holidays. His hourly rate is $400, with a minimum charge of $200. Consultations involving three or more parties are available via MegaMeetings.com. Appointments may be arranged by telephone or e-mail. Mr. Cunningham bills for his services by e-mail for payment by check on receipt of invoice or through PayPal.

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